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What makes SkyPoint unique.


All of our courses are easily accessible anywhere at any time from any device. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go.


All of our contributors are faithful members of the Lord’s church. That means that you can be confident that the ideas and world-view that is being taught comes from a firmly Biblical perspective.


While we don’t have everything that you need available yet, we are working in that direction. Our list of available courses is always expanding as new contributors create new content. Check back often to discover new offerings.


Our classes offer more than just a lot of reading on a screen. We incorporate audio, video, interactive quizzes and tests, even real teachers on the other end! That means that your child will stay engaged and enjoy learning.

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SkyPoint is an online homeschool curriculum that is being developed by faithful members of the Lord’s Church. Our goal is to have courses that are written around a biblical worldview. The only doctrine will be just what is seen plainly in the Scriptures.

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