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You may have noticed that the homeschool curriculum that you are using doesn’t always agree with what the Bible says. It has been said that using a prepared curriculum is like eating fish, you have to spit out the bones. This is usually most obvious when it comes to the subject of the Bible. However, the problem doesn’t stop there. Most curricula were either written from a denominational paradigm, or from a secular (atheistic) view. These presuppositions affect how the writers approach every subject, not just the Bible!

In the case of an atheistic view, you will find exaggerated dating systems in history, along with in-depth material setting forth the idea of “pre-historic society”, and the evolution of man’s thought processes. Yet, we know that there is no such thing as “pre-historic” man because the history that God provides us begins, well, in the beginning. In science, the teachings of evolution are a blatant affront to the inspired record of how things actually happened. In the fields of English, government, and economics, the idea that man is simply a highly evolved animal, and the moral relativism that must accompany that idea oozes into every aspect of society, and is in turn presented as simple truth!

In the case of denominational curriculum, the doctrines of Calvinism and Premillennialism have a similar effect. If history has not been compromised to allow for evolution, then it is based on the idea of a “fallen world,” and all of mankind being totally depraved, and inherently evil from birth. These concepts pervade the interpretation of every historical event and lay down a foundation for a dismal view of God’s creation, and our proper place within it. In the same way, these philosophies impact the selection of texts to study in English, along with the ideas that they convey. Every arena of human endeavor is tainted by the idea that we are hopeless and helpless outside of the direct and predetermined influence of the Holy Spirit.

It is true that a student may successfully navigate a curriculum filled with these dangerous ideas, and emerge a faithful Christian; but why should our children have to? Isn’t this one of the primary reasons that we are homeschooling them? With SkyPoint, each writer and teacher is a faithful Christian, a member of the Lord’s Body. Because of this, a proper understanding of God, mankind, and the created world permeate the teaching in every subject. You don’t have to worry about counter-teaching the materials that you give to your children. While SkyPoint is robust and will prepare your child to do great things in life, above all, it will help you prepare them for the greatest life of all: one that gets them to Heaven!PSD