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Minor Prophets

In this course, you’re going to learn about the Minor Prophets. What you’ll need to do each week is read the short summary provided here, and then read the corresponding Minor Prophet. Once you’ve completed your reading, you’ll have discussion questions with your parents (guardians). Here will be your course guideline:

  • Read through each summary in this material, and then read through each minor prophet.
  • Discuss the questions at the end of each summary in this work with parents, or guardians. The whole purpose of these discussions is to see how the Bible is relevant for teaching us to live today.
  • As a mid-term, type a two-three page (double-spaced) in Times New Roman, 12-point essay on Why the Minor Prophets are Important for Christians Today. Be sure that your grammar and thoughts are logical. You can download an add-on at that will help proof-read your papers. This paper should be written and turned in between Zephaniah and Nahum.
  • Towards the end of this course, type a five-page paper (double-spaced) in Times New Roman, 12-point essay. Select a topic about one of the Minor Prophets, or a theme covered by several, a few, or all of the Minor Prophets. Some suggested topics to choose from are — (1) Justice in the Minor Prophets, (2) When Unfaithful People Worship God, (3) God’s Concern for the Weak of Society, (4) The Coming of Jesus, (5) Passages Quoted from the Minor Prophets in the New Testament, or anything approved by a guardian. You’ll want to select a topic early on so that you can make notes as you read through each Minor Prophet. This will be your major paper and will be graded by your guardian. This paper should be written and turned in by the time you begin your study of Obadiah.
  • At the end of this course, you’ll take a quiz that is open Bible, open note. However, it’s a timed quiz of fifteen questions, and you’ll have thirty minutes to complete the quiz.

As you read the instructions for this course, if you happen to see a word that you do not know, look it up. You’re in middle school now, so a part of growing and learning is adding to your vocabulary. You can use, and if you have a tablet or smartphone, you can download their app.

The next page you’ll view will be an example, or template, of how to write a paper.

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